Soil and Compost Testing

Under the microscope, we a get a sense of how intact the soil or compost microbial community is.

We count the number of bacteria, protozoa, and nematodes, measure fungi, and observe organic matter formation.

Bio-assays are an interesting way to get up close and personal with your soil or compost!

We perform soil and compost bio-assays to meet your needs:

1) $50 – General: basic interest in what your soil or compost looks like under the microscope; includes good-bad-ugly rating, images, and interpretation

2) $80 – Advanced: results include total biomass counts, images, interpretation, and recommendations (good for measuring changes to soil or compost community over time)

3) $185 – Combined: includes traditional chem test from the U of M along with Advanced Bio-Assay

We are committed to making our services accessible to all who care for this planet and want to grow soil! We are happy to discuss our sliding scale for compensation. Fees listed above are recommended due to the technical nature of soil and compost testing.

Please Note:

*Prices include sample collection within the Twin Cities Metro Area

*Additional travel fees apply for travel outside of the Twin Cities Metro

*Subtract $25 from each price if sample is mailed to lab or if testing is done in conjunction with individual consultation. For mailing instructions, click HERE

*U of M Test includes soil organic matter, pH, P and K, texture, soluble salts, and lead

We also find really cool organisms under the scope like this diatom! Diatoms are photosynthetic algae living inside houses of silica glass – whoa!!