Classes and Workshops

Longfellow Garden Club Talk

Classes, workshops, and trainings can be tailored to meet the interests and needs of your organization.

Popular topics include Soil Ecology 101, Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Fungi, Soil Microscopy, Compost Making, Biological Farming and Gardening, etc.

We are committed to making our services accessible to all who care for this planet and want to grow soil! We are happy to discuss our sliding scale for compensation. Suggested donations for classes, workshops, and trainings are listed below.

These include a 60-90 minute presentation including Q&A.
For longer seminars, please contact Kassie.

  1. Small Nonprofits, community organizations, and school groups (gross income <$50,000) we suggest a donation of $75-100
  2. Larger Nonprofits (gross income >$50,000) we suggest a donation of $100-150
  3. For-Profit Businesses we suggest a donation of $150-200
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