kassie plantingHi and welcome! My name is Kassie and I’m the founder of Renaissance Soil, a St. Paul MN-based non-profit dedicated to promoting soil regeneration through education, outreach, and action opportunities.

Soil is the foundation. We grow our food from it. Build our communities and families upon it. Healthy soils store carbon – helping us combat climate change by sinking CO2 from the air. Healthy soils hold, infiltrate, and clean water – helping us protect our watersheds and our future. For me, it’s obvious: partnering with nature to build healthier soil is the number one solution to countless problems. And it’s not that hard!

cropped-image2.jpgEveryone can improve soil health and every action has endless positive reverberations.

Renaissance Soil is a movement to change minds about “dirt.” The ground beneath our feet is a complex living ecosystem. We’ve been destroying it with our lawn, farm, and garden chemicals for too long. We’ve paved over a lot of it and wiped out the plant and animal diversity that makes the soil ecosystem thrive.IMG_1081

Renaissance Soil is about resuscitating the life of the soil and reviving our connection with the underground.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Education – We hold frequent classes and workshops for anyone interested in transforming their land from barren to abundant and life-supporting
  2. Outreach – We produce informational booklets, soil health seed packets, soil in the news, and more
  3. Action Opportunities – We work with our partners in the community to create demonstration and research sites accessible to the public

Check out the contact page and follow us on social media if you’d like to get more involved!

We are grateful for donations as they help us create more programming and share the amazing world below ground with more people! Click here to donate using PayPal! Thank you!