Hi and welcome! My name is Kassie and I’m the founder of Renaissance Soil, a St. Paul MN-based non-profit dedicated to promoting soil regeneration through education, outreach, and action opportunities.

kassie planting
Planting perennial and native plants is an excellent way to grow healthy soil.

Soil is the foundation. We grow our food from it. Build our communities and families upon it. Healthy soils store carbon – helping us combat climate change by sinking CO2 from the air. Healthy soils hold, infiltrate, and clean water – helping us protect our watersheds and our future. For me, it’s obvious: partnering with nature to build healthier soil is the number one solution to countless problems. And it’s not that hard!

Street art in Bogota, Colombia – “The food we eat, the water we drink, they come from the Earth”

Everyone can improve soil health and every action has beneficial and cascading impacts!

Beneficial soil fungi under the microscope. Soil fungi play a critical role in supporting plant health, cycling nutrients, and storing carbon in the soil.

Renaissance Soil is about resuscitating the life of the soil and reviving our connection with the underground.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Education
    1. We hold frequent public classes and workshops on topics like soil ecology, compost making, regenerative agriculture, and soil building –> Schedule a presentation to your group (church, business, garden club, etc) by emailing Kassie at revivesoil@gmail.com
    2. We produce educational blog and social media posts and regularly share soil-related news updates
  2. Outreach
    1. We attend community events and share high-quality compost and soil-building seeds when available
  3. Action Opportunities
    1. We work with our partners in the community to create soil health demonstration sites and encourage neighbors to join in!
    2. We organize and collaborate on research projects related to soil ecology and regeneration
Presenting at the State Fair – Maybe someday they’ll call it “The Soil” stage because dirt lacks all of the microorganisms and the carbon that makes healthy soil!

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